We have a Priority: YOU

At Designer Bags we are super focused on curating high-quality products and providing first class shopping experiences.
Our customers don’t take promises lightly, and neither do we.
These are our values, our core.

Always the best Customer Service

We provide many ways for you to buy and sell ultra-luxury to make your experience, well, luxurious. 


We source our items directly from Missions, Buyers and Official Distributors/Wholesalers. We also offer a complicated and meticulous process of checking and authentication to avoid misplacement or damage during the transportation from our partners to our premises.

We care of distinctiveness and yet diversity in people, products and backgrounds.

There is no style without depth and different perspectives, backgrounds, experiences, and tastes.
And because of all our values and particularly this last, our staff is a highly diverse group of talented individuals.
They are so heterogeneous that their work and existence itself make our team a dream one!
Our colorful team is always growing, learning, and improving. 
If you ever have a question, we’re always here for you!

Why should you choose Designer Bags for your luxury purchases?

We are loved by fashionista, tested by time and proven to earn trust!

Partner of the largest fashion Distributors, Designer Bags transforms dreams into reality,  turns wishes into opportunities, and delivers fashion trends to your door. Make a wish: we’ll make it happen! In a world full of conformity and eagerness to appearing, just be yourself. Express who you truly are! Select the items that emphasize your unique style. Enter our Universe of Charm and let us guide you!

Here at www.designers-bags.com, we make your dreams come true.